Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts is now closed

Full papers are optional – however if you would like to prepare a paper after being accepted, you are welcome to do so, and this would be published on the IPWEA NZ library after the Forum

As a new decade begins, we are looking ahead at the opportunities and challenges, and their implications. People may walk on Mars, and insects become part of our diet. Companies could become less profit-focused, while taking a more active role to address climate change. AI will predominate. Society is ageing. We will cycle more. And we might learn to like each other and be a bit nicer. Maybe technology has a role in that.

Our theme for the Advanced Asset Management Forum 2020 is: Challenges | Opportunities | Connections.
We are seeking abstracts which demonstrate how, through connections, strategic asset management can enable and embrace the opportunities and challenges of the new decade.
We encourage stories that illustrate, stimulate, and inspire the bold approaches which are needed to build a healthy and sustainable future. Clever approaches where challenges are overcome and opportunities are taken.

Important Dates 
Wed 15 JulyAbstracts - closed
Mon 20 JulyOnline registration open
Fri 31 JulySubmissions confirmed
Mon 28 SeptPPT presentations requested - and papers if preparing a paper

• 250 words maximum – due by 5pm, closed
• All authors’ names to be listed– underline presenting author
• All abstracts must include the following information:
0Brief bio on the presenter (50 words)
oContact details (phone / email)
oIdentify what stream is best fit
oContact details of referee who has seen author present
oOne or two questions that will challenge the audience
• Presentation time is 20min plus 5min Q&A
• PowerPoint presentations and papers (if provided) will be uploaded to the IPWEA NZ Library
• All presenters are required to register and pay to attend the Forum.