The draft programme below is an outline only and will be updated as information comes to hand.  The Call for Abstracts close  5 June and the programme will be updated 30 June.

Monday 2 November 
0800Optional Breakfast: AMIS upgrade lessons: Breakfast discussion on upgrading your asset database. Facilitator: Glen McIntosh. Cost $25
1015 Insights from an Industry Leader Raveen Jaduram
1035NAMS Update - what we have learned from NAMS 2018. Al Monro
1045Keynote: Future Ready®: Building blocks, barriers and incentives Anna Robak
1125Keynote: Data, helping from all angles. Paul Stone
1210Morning Tea / Networking

 Workshop One
Theme: Interconnection
Workshop Two
Theme: Digital Transformation
1240Topic / Presenter tbcTopic / Presenter tbc
1300Topic / Presenter tbcTopic / Presenter tbc
1320Q & A above presentersQ & A above presenters
1325Group discussionGroup discussion
1345Lunch / Networking

1435Keynote: Future Infrastructure. Ernst Zollner
1515Keynote: How to Stop a Robot taking my job. Diane Edwards
1555Afternoon Tea / Networking

 Workshop Three
Theme: Future Infrastructure
Workshop Four
Theme: Skills and Capabilities
1625Topic / Presenter tbcTopic / Presenter tbc
1645Topic / Presenter tbcTopic / Presenter tbc
1705Q & A above presentersQ & A above presenters
1710Group discussionGroup discussion
1900Conference Dinner - Novotel (included with full registration) After dinner Speaker: Melissa Clarke-Reynolds

Tuesday 3 November 
0830Welcome back
Launch of IIMM Digital Platform
0935Keynote: Built assets: your data and information management framework. Sarah Davidson
1020Morning Tea / Networking

 Workshop Five
Theme: Enabling Climate Action
Workshop Six
Theme:Requirements, Business Rules and funding
1050Topic / Presenter tbcTopic / Presenter tbc
1115Topic / Presenter tbcTopic / Presenter tbc
1135Q & A above presentersQ & A above presenters
1140Group discussionGroup discussion
1200Lunch / Networking

1245Keynote: New Zealand's low emissions future Dr Rod Carr
1330Wrap Up