The programme is up to date as at 14 August, however the committee has the right to amend any component at any time.  Due to flight timings, we have amended the start time to accommodate the 0920 flight from Wellington/Auckland.

Monday 2 November 
0800Optional Breakfast: AMIS upgrade lessons: Breakfast discussion on upgrading your asset database. Facilitator: Glen McIntosh. Cost $30
0930Morning Tea / Networking / Registration
1000Welcome and Opening
1010NAMS Update - what we have learned from NAMS 2018. Dukessa Blackburn-Huettner
1020Welcome from NAMS 2020 Forum Chairs - Nicci Wood & Colin Gerrard
1030 Insights from an Industry Leader Raveen Jaduram
1050Keynote: Future Ready®: Building blocks, barriers and incentives Anna Robak, WSP
Sponsored by WSP
1130Keynote: Data, helping from all angles. Paul Stone
1210Transition to Workshops - Tea/Coffee available

 Workshop One
Theme: Interconnection
Workshop Two
Theme: Digital Transformation
Facilitator: Nathaniel Holman, Infor
1220Overcoming barriers to embedding asset management. David Jeffrey, Infrastructure Associates & Maxine Ford, Ministry of HealthWe have this BIM Model, Now what? Mary Mohs, Christchurch City Council
1240The 3 socials of Asset Management. Rachel Maas & Julie Boucher, Just Add LimeHow to get ready to embrace 'Human first' Industry 5.0. Rekha Kharbanda, Tonkin + Taylor
1255Q & A above presentersQ & A above presenters
1305Group discussionGroup discussion
1320Lunch / Networking

1410Keynote: Future Infrastructure. Hamilton-Auckland Corridor for wellbeing Ernst Zollner, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development
1455Keynote: How to Stop a Robot taking my job. Diane Edwards
1540Afternoon Tea / Networking

1610Workshop Three
Theme: Future Infrastructure
Facilitator:Damien Douglas WSP
Workshop Four
Theme: Skills and Capabilities
Facilitator: Glen Syred, GHD
Evidence based planning, decision-making and investment - Taha Whanau, Quality Housing Program. Tracy Massam, Tamaki Regeneration & Mitch Miller, SPM Assets Assset Management Competency - the key to High Performance. John McDonald, NZ Transport Agency & Stephen Garlick, Aecom
1630Recovering from COVID-19: Applying Asset Management to support Local Government in New Zealand. Wayne Hatcher, WSPEmbedding asset management as a culture using an IIMM based capability and capacity review. Deborah Lind, Harrison Grierson
1645Q & A above presentersQ & A above presenters
1655Group discussionGroup discussion
1900Forum Dinner - Novotel (included with full registration) After dinner Speaker: Seeing the Future First. Melissa Clarke-Reynolds

Tuesday 3 November 
0830Welcome back
Launch of IIMM Digital Platform
NAMS+ Introduction. Allen Mapstone
0935Keynote: Built assets: your data and information management framework. Sarah Davidson, University of Nottingham
1020Morning Tea / Networking

1050Workshop Five
Theme: Enabling Climate Action
Facilitator:Grant Holland, Waugh Infrastructure
Workshop Six
Theme: Requirements, Business Rules and funding
Facilitator:Julie Boucher, Just Add Lime
Incorporating climate change into Infrastructure planning. James Hughes, Tonkin + TaylorLessons learnt driving change in FNDC's capital investment programme through risk-based prioritisation. Deborah Lind, Harrison Grierson
1110Decade of Doing. Kate Meyer, BecaAsset Valuations - The often underestimated fundamental. Brian Sharman, IAM Consulting Ltd
1125Q & A above presentersQ & A above presenters
1135Group discussionGroup discussion
1150Lunch / Networking

1235Keynote: New Zealand's low emissions future Dr Rod Carr
1315Wrap Up