The programme is up to date as at 31 October, however the committee has the right to amend any component at any time.

Monday 2 November 
0800Optional Breakfast: AMIS upgrade lessons: Breakfast discussion on upgrading your asset database. Facilitator: Glen McIntosh. Cost $30
0930Morning Tea / Networking / Registration
1000Welcome and Opening
1010NAMS Update - what we have learned from NAMS 2018. Dukessa Blackburn-Huettner
1020Welcome from NAMS 2020 Forum Chairs - Nicci Wood & Colin Gerrard
1030 Insights from an Industry Leader Raveen Jaduram
1050Keynote: Future Ready®: Building blocks, barriers and incentives Anna Robak, WSP
Sponsored by WSP
1130Keynote: Data, helping from all angles. Paul Stone
1210Transition to Workshops - Tea/Coffee available

 Workshop One
Theme: Interconnection
Workshop Two
Theme: Digital Transformation
Facilitator: Nathaniel Holman, Infor
1220Overcoming barriers to embedding asset management. David Jeffrey, Infrastructure Associates & Maxine Ford, Ministry of HealthWe have this BIM Model, Now what? Mary Mohs, Christchurch City Council
1240The 3 socials of Asset Management. Rachel Maas & Julie Boucher, Just Add LimeHow to get ready to embrace 'Human first' Industry 5.0. Rekha Kharbanda, Tonkin + Taylor
1255Q & A above presentersQ & A above presenters
1305Group discussionGroup discussion
1320Lunch / Networking

1410Keynote: Future Infrastructure. Hamilton-Auckland Corridor for wellbeing Ernst Zollner, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development
1455Keynote: How to Stop a Robot taking my job. Diane Edwards
1540Afternoon Tea / Networking

1610Workshop Three
Theme: Future Infrastructure
Facilitator:Damien Douglas WSP
Workshop Four
Theme: Skills and Capabilities
Facilitator: Glen Syred, GHD
Evidence based planning, decision-making and investment - Taha Whanau, Quality Housing Program. Tracy Massam, Tamaki Regeneration & Mitch Miller, SPM Assets Assset Management Competency - the key to High Performance. John McDonald, NZ Transport Agency & Stephen Garlick, Aecom
1630Recovering from COVID-19: Applying Asset Management to support Local Government in New Zealand. Wayne Hatcher, WSPEmbedding asset management as a culture using an IIMM based capability and capacity review. Deborah Lind, Harrison Grierson and Tom Dyer, Dunedin City Council
1645Q & A above presentersQ & A above presenters
1655Group discussionGroup discussion
1900Forum Dinner - Novotel (included with full registration) After dinner Speaker: Seeing the Future First. Melissa Clarke-Reynolds

Tuesday 3 November 
0830Welcome back - Recap with Pio
0840Launch of IIMM Digital Platformintroduced by Dukessa Blackburn-Heuttner
Introduction to NAMS.Plus and IPWEA Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning
0915Training update. Steve Browning
0935Keynote: Built assets: your data and information management framework. Sarah Davidson, University of Nottingham
1020Morning Tea / Networking

1050Workshop Five
Theme: Enabling Climate Action
Facilitator:Grant Holland, Waugh Infrastructure
Workshop Six
Theme: Requirements, Business Rules and funding
Facilitator:Charmaine Okros, Auckland Transport
Incorporating climate change into Infrastructure planning. James Hughes, Tonkin + TaylorLessons learnt driving change in FNDC's capital investment programme through risk-based prioritisation. Deborah Lind, AECOM & Natalie Yeh, Harrison Grierson
1110Decade of Doing. Kate Meyer, BecaAsset Valuations - The often underestimated fundamental. Brian Sharman, IAM Consulting Ltd
1125Q & A above presentersQ & A above presenters
1135Group discussionGroup discussion
1150Lunch / Networking

1235Keynote: New Zealand's low emissions future Dr Rod Carr
1315Wrap Up