Built assets: your data and information management framework. Sarah Davidson

How can we be better informed about the construction of our assets and then the operation of them? The construction of an asset is notoriously unpredictable and then the operation of it can be more so.  It can be fraught with unexpected issues leading to costs and inconvenience (and sometimes regulatory breaches) that we just aren’t prepared for.  In her presentation Sarah will explore how the adoption of the ISO 19650 series (information management using building information modelling) coupled with collaborative working unlocks the door for the generation of reliable and comprehensive data and information about the buildings and facilities that are fundamental to our everyday lives.  Sarah will also consider the potential for an increasingly data driven way of working, the need for interoperability and the challenges and benefits that this may bring.

Sarah is an Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham (UK), a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and a member of the UK BIM Alliance executive team.  Before joining the University she spent 20+ years in the construction industry working for many different clients and on a whole range of projects.  She has held a number of directorships and before moving to academia was Head of Research for international consultancy Gleeds.  Her primary focus is on information management and modelling and the adoption of the ISO 19650 series.  She is an authoring co-editor of UK BIM Framework guidance for ISO 19650-2 and she will be extending this role to cover ISO 19650-3 on its release.  Sarah works closely with the Centre for Digital Built Britain and has co-authored guidance about soft landings and is a technical author for the Interoperability Report commissioned by the Construction Innovation Hub.