How to Stop a Robot taking my job. Diane Edwards

The Future of Work has become a hot topic, which has gained new significance since the world has experienced the pandemic.  Forced more quickly than we planned, technology and automation is rapidly becoming the new face of the workplace. Diane Edwards will challenge you to think about what the future of work may look like and what might be needed to thrive in a world of work that is hard to imagine. She’ll share her experiences preparing organisations to be fit for the future and discuss the skills and attributes staff need to be successful in the new world of work.  She’ll also touch be touching on the importance of diverse thought, inclusive cultures and the ethical challenges that often accompany innovative thinking.

Diane has had an eclectic career in a wide range of roles spanning teaching, corporate training, Finance, IT, HR and Futures.  She has lived and worked in the UK, USA, India, Tanzania and Australia as well as NZ.  Diane was a member of the Ports of Auckland Executive Team for 9 years during which time she oversaw People, Learning and Development, Safety and Wellbeing, Process Analysis, ICT, Sustainability and Innovation.  Stepping down in March 2020 she now assists organisations with their Future of Work initiatives and consults as a Future Foresight Strategist.  Diane has held numerous Directorships, sits on the Global Futures Advisory Council of the Futures School in Orlando Florida, is a sought after speaker  and has appeared on both TVNZ and National Radio talking about preparing NZ for the Future.